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Bel House West

The West Building is at 13990 NE 6th Avenue, North Miami, Fl, consists of twenty (20) one bedroom units. (completed)

single family unit 2

Located at 1362 NW 172nd Terrace Miami Gardens, Fl, 3 Bedrooms 3 baths. (completed-sold)

single family unit 1

Located at 1830 175th Street, Miami Gardens, Fl, 4 Bedrooms 3 baths. (completed-sold)

single family unit 4

Located at 907 NW 145th Street, North Miami, FL, 3 bedrooms 3 baths. (completed-sold)

HACDC housing development projects

Villa jardin ii

Located at 122 NE 78th Street, Miami, FL,The lot is improved with a 3-story apartment building, containing 6 units of 2 bedrooms. (under development)

Villa Jardin I

Located at 5513 NE Miami Place, Miami, FL, consist of 13 affordable for-sales units of one and two bedrooms. (completed)

Bel House East

The East Building is located at 13925 NE 6th Avenue, North Miami Fl & consists of forty (45) one and two bedroom units. (completed)

single family unit 3

Located at 14735 NE 7th Court, North Miami, FL, 4 bedrooms 3 baths (completed-sold)

Other Units Developed By HACDC: