Building Lives, Building Homes, Building Community....

About Us:

The Haitian American Community Development Corporation (HACDC) strives to create asset building in South Florida’s Haitian-American communities. Our mission is to provide decent affordable housing, and educational and business enterprise programs that create sustainable economic advancement in Haitian-American communities. After 28 years of operation, HACDC (formerly known as Little Haiti Housing Association, Inc.) is growing. We are expanding our ability to serve an ever-expanding community—both our primary clientele in the Haitian-American community and their neighbors throughout Miami-Dade County and now Broward County.

Founded in 1987, by several local pastors, social workers, and various Little Haiti community members, HACDC is as a non-profit community development corporation, whose mission was to address the lack of quality affordable housing in the Little Haiti community.  We continue to believe that housing efforts must be part of a holistic strategy for effecting sustainable community development.  Homeownership promotes stronger communities, financial self-sufficiency and wealth building.
No other organization in Miami-Dade County provides these homeownership services to the Haitian-American community in such a comprehensive, linguistically and culturally appropriate manner. 

The HACDC is fortunate to hold the following certifications and memberships: