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Housing Counseling:

Housing Counseling (pre-purchase): Critical to the Home Ownership Training Program is the one-on-one counseling for families to resolve problems that might prevent them from securing a mortgage.

This counseling is supplemental to the information clients receive in HBE classes.   HACDC staff work with clients to resolve their credit issues, create a working budget,  secure market-rate mortgages, as well as subsidized loans that make their new home affordable. Assembly of buyer financing with the required multiple layers of lending is perhaps the most labor intensive element of housing counseling program as it requires many meetings with the clients to collect updated documents for the various lenders, both private and governmental.

Housing Counseling (post-purchase):   HACDC  performs extensive follow up with families who have purchased houses through the Home Ownership Program.  This is important to ensure that the new homebuyers have the support needed to maintain their properties and bring stability to their community.  As part of post-occupancy support is  HACDC offers it homeowner clients the opportunity to join its Home Owners’ Club (HOC) which supplements the informal, one-on-one, case-by-case post occupancy support currently provided by staff  and providing this service and support through the HOC creates greater cost-effectiveness and enhanced empowerment of all home owners through peer-support and learning.