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Program & Services:

The Homeownership Training Program (HOP) provides three (3) types of housing counseling educational services that are approved by HUD.  They are as follows:

Pre-Purchase Counseling
Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops
Non Delinquency Post Purchase Workshops for Homeowners

 The Home Ownership Training Program (HOP)  

Little Haiti Housing Association DBA Haitian American Community Development Corporation (HACDC) runs a successful Home Ownership Training Program.   As indicated earlier, The Homeownership Training Program (HOP) has three (3) components:  the Homebuyer Education Training (HBE); One-on-One Counseling Services; and the Non-Delinquency Post Purchase workshop for homeowners. 

HACDC’s Home Ownership Program (HOP), as the core program of the agency, is designed to comprehensively address the needs of community residents for affordable first-time home ownership. This program is built on a foundation of educating and counseling clients on the overall homeownership process in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner.  The first-time homebuyers participating in the HACDC Home Ownership Program (HOP) are required to attend an eight-hour Home Buyer Education (HBE) program, followed by one-on-one individual housing counseling services.

HBE consists of eight (8) hours of classroom training.  All classes are taught in Creole and English.  HACDC staff designed the materials, printed in Creole and English, which are utilized in the workshops.   During the past twenty (20) years, approximately 2,450 clients have graduated from this award winning program.  (HACDC) received the 1997 Fannie Mae Maxwell Award and the 2005 HOME Award from National Association of Realtors.  

Prior to attending the HBE class, all clients are required to attend a Homebuyer Orientation Session that gives an overview of the home buying process. The HBE classroom training covers Financial Literacy during the first four (4) hours of the training.  It is followed by step-by-step instructions about the structure of the home buying process in the United States. This course speaks to homebuyer readiness; the benefits of homeownership versus renting; budgeting; understanding and accessing credit; choosing and buying a home; accessing a residential mortgage; the closing process; insurance and property taxes; and post closing education services.  The class is free to all buyers including HACDC clients and the public at this time.