Building Lives, Building Homes, Building Community....


HACDC was incorporated in 1987 by community stakeholders as Little Haiti Housing Association, Inc. (HACDC) and was created to promote and develop affordable housing opportunities for the residents of the Little Haiti community of Miami, FL.  At that time, as now, the great majority of residents of Little Haiti were Haitian or of Haitian descent. Since 1987 there has been extensive growth of the Haitian-American community in Miami-Dade County with significant growth of the Haitian-American community in cities like North Miami and North Miami Beach. As these communities developed, HACDC, now HACDC was there to help facilitate and promote affordable housing.  By the late 1990’s HACDC was developing as much housing and assisting clients to become homeowners outside of Little Haiti as in Little Haiti. 

In its 28 years of operation HACDC has developed particular expertise in facilitating affordable homeownership in the Haitian-American community unrivaled by any other Community Development Corporation (CDC) in South Florida.  No other CDC in South Florida has the historic ties to the Haitian-American community, or the historically documented linguistic and cultural competencies as does HACDC.  With a Board of Directors and Staff of which over 90% are Haitian-American, and its 28 years of experience, this unique competency and expertise is both a natural occurrence, and at the same time a strategic outcome.  Serving the community development needs of the Haitian-American community is our expertise. 

To serve the community, LHHA provides service in four major areas:

1. Housing development;

2. Home Buyer Education/Financial Literacy services, including individual budget, saving and credit counseling.

3. Tenant services and education, and client referral to needed social services;

4. Economic development initiatives.