Building Lives, Building Homes, Building Community....

Community Building:

HACDC has always taken a comprehensive approach to community development recognizing that for effective community stabilization and growth strategies must include affordable housing development, education and counseling, economic development programming and community building initiatives.  Over the course of its operations HACDC has operated youth programs, computer learning facilities and community gardens.  However, in the economic downturn that began in began in 2008-2009 most of these programs became increasingly difficult to support financially and as a result they were canceled. 

HACDC is excited to once again begin community building activities.  Recently, HACDC secured funding to begin comprehensive community building in the Buena Vista West neighborhood in Little Haiti.  There HACDC will work with residents on identification of issues of neighborhood concern and the formulation of action plans to mediate those issues.  Possible action plans might be worked out include creating and developing neighborhood patrols, the growth and strengthening of neighborhood associations, neighborhood beautification efforts ,and the development of community gardens.