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Homebuyer Education (HBE): 

HACDC runs a successful Home Ownership Training Program.  It begins with 8 hours of classroom training, followed by intensive one-on-one counseling to get clients to a point where they are mortgage –ready.  All classes are taught in English or Creole and course materials were developed by HACDC are also in English or Creole.   HACDC is a HUD-certified Local Housing Counseling Agency. To date approximately 2,650 clients have graduated from this award winning program . HACDC was recipient of the 1997 Fannie Mae Maxwell Award and a 2005 HOME Award from National Association of Realtors for Home Buyer Education in Minority Communities  

HBE provides step-by-step instructions in both English and Haitian-Creole about the structure of the home buying process in the United States. This course covers homebuyer readiness: the benefits of homeownership versus renting; budgeting; understanding and accessing credit; choosing and buying a home; accessing a residential mortgage; the closing process; insurance and property taxes; and post closing education services.  

HBE Orientation Test (must see the Presentation before you take the test):