Frantz Eloi, President

​Maria Pascal, Vice-President

Luis Felipe Malo, Secretary, Resident

Ramses Ismael, Treasurer

Ramon Rodriguez

Nickolas Jimenez

Hubert Cesar

Michelle Cilien

Welcome From The President of the HACDC Board of Directors:

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of HACDC, thank you to our sponsors, community partners, clients and HACDC’s staff for your continued support, interest in our agency and hard work. For 30 years Haitian American Community Development Corporation (HACDC) as an organization  have been making homeownership a reality for the residents of this community and we are committed to continue to be a great resource in this community.

It is with humility and enthusiasm that I accept the opportunity to serve as President and Chairman of the Board of HACDC, our goal is to continue to work hard in making the American dream come true in the life of the residents of our community.

Frantz Eloi

For more information about HACDC board membership contact Samuel F. Diller at 786-230-3779 or

Building Lives, Building Homes, Building Community....