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HACDC needs your help..…

HACDC through the Community Contribution Tax Credits (CCTCP) vehicle is seeking donation from businesses to help finish the rehabilitation of our office building located d at 181 82nd street, Miami, FL 33138, in the heart of Little Haiti.   HACDC is a long standing community development corporation whose office is in the heart of Little Haiti for 25 years.    There are two (2) very well- known organizations, FANM and COIN that call this building home as well.      Your donations, whatever the size, would contribute to the benefits of three community providers that make a difference in the life of many seeking health assistance, immigration services, housing, credit counseling and repair or after school programs for their children.

 CCTCP a great vehicle to donate:

 HACDC uses CCTCP as a vehicle because it allows businesses to participate in community revitalization efforts in their community and at the same time keep tax revenues in their neighborhood.  For example, a donation of $10,000 to HACDC will result in a total tax rebate of $6,929 to your business. Initially, the donor gets a 50% tax rebate from the state, in addition, a  5.5 % state tax reduction off the remaining tax liability of $5,000, and another 35% federal tax rebate after that.  Therefore, your net contribution will be $3,071. For a rebate or tax liability to count for fiscal tax year 2016, donations must be made ahead of June 30, 2016.

What would your donations do ….   

HACDC spent $700,000, a combination of loan and grants a few years back to complete major rehabilitation subsequent to the acquisition of the building.  Despite substantial rehabilitation, we still need some work including mechanical work such as upgrading the AC unit to energy efficient; completing the façade improvement which will serve as a catalyst for general enhancement in the community, as well as illumination of the parking lot.

As a donor through the CCTCP program, you will make sure that your donation and your tax dollars are utilized in your neighborhood and benefit individual in real needs to advance educationally, and socio-economically.   

For more information please contact Sam Diller, Executive Director at 786-230-3779. We look forward to count you as one of our supporters.